I have a question. If you could do one thing to give your life and that of all others - even MORE VALUE would you?
"Well now, that depends.", You say. If you could do one simple act each day – twice a day every day.
No worry – it is NOT illegal, immoral, nor fattening. Would you do it – if the result of that act would potentially give not just your life, but also your families, your neighbors – everyone you know more value; then -- would you? One single act.

It is extremely simple – but– – it is not easy. What is it?
The answer is in my book.
It tells how the key was discovered, and it tells what the key is.
It even expands on a truth as to what you (and I) REALLY are.
It definitely is The key to the question, "how to give your life more value." It can literally save the world: it can alter the direction toward which man has his world careening out-of-control.

The key is all in the book.
It is not something where you have to get together with others.
It is a simple single procedure, YOU do. It does require some time carved out of your busy day, but the results will be at present, unimaginable. Once you are successful -yes, there is a degree of perfection included in the formula: practice will bring perfection.

It's not because I wrote the book. I was "indirectly" given the key – and I put the "secret" into print. It is just one of many that are now awaiting anyone who seeks. My awareness as to the real value of the book came to me much later – after it had been published, actually.

About the Author

Randall Shelton

Randall Shelton is over the 3/4 Century mark and loving each moment he has and were the truth really known, this kid from Kansas is just "catching his second wind." He currently resides in Central Oregon with his wife, Linda.